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We offer FREE personal Care Kits to help homeowners that are going through there unexpected disaster. Care Kits including basic supplies like tooth brushes, tooth paste, combs, baby supplies when needed, etc. and most importantly our Survival Handbook which answers questions such as “How do I replace burned money?”, “What’s the best way to clean my clothes, books and other belongings?” and much more. Please call now to request a Care Kit and a representative will deliver it to you within 2 hours.

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We know how frustrating it can be to have an unexpected fire or disaster disrupt and cause untimely delays in your life. SMB Restoration Specialists take great pride in assuring the homeowner or business owner knows what needs to be done in order to get your life back to normal, as fast as possible. In our handbook, you will find all pertinent information to aid you, in knowing exactly what needs to be done, what your responsibilities are, as well as our responsibilities to you- our customer. Please call us at 800-840-8501 and we’ll be there within 2 hours to assess the situation, provide you with the full handbook and help you get on track to restoring your property.

For your immediate use, you’ll find below the initial restoration steps you should take to make all processes as simple as possible going forward.


Make sure you and all those who occupy the property are accounted for and safe.

If anyone is missing or injured, call 911 immediately. Don’t forget about your pets. They’re scared too and may react by either scratching or biting especially if there are strangers in their home, so it is your responsibility to try and comfort them. Keep pets and children out of the damaged area.


Call your insurance agent.

Ask your insurance agent what your responsibilities include and to what extent your loss is covered. In the case of theft, you are also obligated to contact the police to file report.


Document the damage before and during the cleanup and reconstruction process.

If possible, take pictures of both the building and the contents of the building. If that’s not possible, make a list of the damage. Also, inventory contents of the damaged area. SMB Restoration Specialists can assist you with inventory, packing, moving and cleaning of contents.


Protect the property from further damages including reasonable and necessary repairs.

This includes things like: holes in the roof should be covered; windows and doors should be boarded up, and any other necessary repairs, which will keep damage from becoming worse. Don’t throw away removed or damaged materials until you check with your insurance company. This is the time to have SMB Restoration Specialists respond and assist you. You can also ask your insurance agent.


If the property is uninhabitable, be sure to collect all your important items before leaving:

Not sure what you need to take with you? Download our information sheet to use as a guide information sheet.

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