Content Inventory & Restoration

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Save and protect your treasured belongings.

Content Pack-Out and Storage

In the event that your home needs reconstruction work, we can inventory your belongings and pack the items out using professional movers who deal with personal belongings every day with care and courtesy. We will take the contents to our facility to be cleaned and stored in a secured building until you are ready to move back home.

Drying Your Items

Whether from a flood, burst pipe, or the fire department’s hoses, if items within your home have gotten wet, properly drying them is important because it restores moisture content to normal levels. Should your property not be dried quickly and thoroughly the result most likely will be mold growth. Mold has the ability to grow both in highly visible locations and in hidden recesses. To properly remove moisture, it requires special equipment, techniques, and judgment from experienced professionals so that moisture levels correspond with the climate and season where you reside. It is also important that drying is done slowly and carefully in order to avoid warping and cracking of your cherished items.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

This is one specialized cleaning method used for smoke damaged items.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning cleans virtually anything such as:Content Inventory and Restoration

  • figurines
  • fine china
  • silk plants
  • blinds
  • golf clubs
  • decorations

By cleaning with the Ultra-Sonic cleaner it allows us to clean with amazing speed and precision. It enables us to clean in small crevices and corners that could not be reached when cleaning by hand. It deodorizes items inside and out, and it is gentle! There is no abrasives or scrubbing used ever! Let us show you how we can help you with your content and inventory and restoration,

Call us at 800-840-8501 and we’ll be on site within 2 hours to help you clean up!

Also, see Emergency Response.