Emergency Response

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Our crews are standing by 24 hours a day so we’ll be onsite within 2 hours!

Speed Matters in emergency response

Quick response when a disaster strikes is essential to the successful mitigation of secondary and collateral damage. SMB Restoration Specialists deploy with advanced technology, extensive knowledge and a highly-skilled workforce. With our ability to respond on site within 2 hours, our clients can be confident that the insurance claims process has begun with the essential ingredients for returning a damaged property to its pre-loss condition.

Safety First

With ever-present concerns for personal safety, the Emergency Service Assessment does not stop with issues related only to the containment of structural and personal property damage costs. SMB Restoration Specialists assesses every job site to assure that reasonable expectations are met for the safety of the property owners, appraisers and workers.

Emergency Response Services include:

  • Structural Shoring
  • Building Board up
  • Roof Coverings
  • Temporary Electrical Services
  • Temporary Heat
  • Security Fencing
  • Containment and/or Removal of Hazardous Material
  • Containment Deodorization
  • De-humidification
  • Water Extraction
  • Emergency Clothing Cleaning
  • 3 Hour Stain Cleanup
  • Asbestos and Lead Removal
  • Safety Assessment and Precautions