Wind Damage

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Not all wind damage is obvious. Get an inspection by the professionals.

Wind damageLet SMB Restoration Specialists help you with wind damage to your home or business

High winds can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home or commercial building. It can rip siding off the walls, gutters from the roof line, send debris flying into yours doors and windows, even bring trees down onto your roof. Most commonly, the wind will cause problems with your roof – break tar seals, pull the shingles through the nails, crease shingles, or completely remove shingles. Some wind damage is obvious when you can see the shingles off the roof. Other damage is not noticeable from the ground. The wind can lift up multiple shingles and rip them through the nails but if the seal does not break between the shingles, they may lay back down flat. In a case like that, your shingles are only being held on your roof by the seal and are very susceptible to future damage and leaks during an average rain. Whether the damage is obvious or just suspected, it’s important to have your property inspected by experts like SMB Restoration Specialists.

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