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Top Disaster Prevention Articles

SMB Construction is passionate about educating our clients on the top disaster prevention articles. We compiled a list to help educate everyone on disaster prevention.

What You Can do Now

The majority of home and business owners consider their property the biggest and most important investment they have made. Yet, many of those people go through their day to day lives with the attitude of “disasters can only happen to other people – not to me and not in my home or business.” Unfortunately, damages brought about by fire, weather catastrophes, theft, and the like happen every day. SMB Construction hopes this information will help you protect your property and the lives of the people who occupy your property.

Top Disaster Prevention Articles-Fire Safety & Smoke Damage:

Keeping Kids Safe From Fire
Check Your Hot Spots
Youth Fire Setting… What Can You Do
Security Bars Can Be a Fire Trap
How to Survive a Hotel Fire

Top Disaster Prevention Articles-Carbon Monoxide Safety:

Carbon Monoxide Questions & Answers
Carbon Monoxide Poisioning
Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements
Carbon Monoxide Information from HUD

Top Disaster Prevention Articles-Flood Safety & Water Damage:

Flood Safety Tips
Flood Safety Tips From the American Red Cross
How to Prevent Wind and Water Damage to Your Home
Home Water Damage Prevention: the Shower and Tub

Top Disaster Prevention Articles-Tornado Safety & Wind Damage:

Be Ready for Tornadoes
How to Prepare For & Stay Safe During a Tornado
Tips for Tree Care and Storms: Before, During and After
Windstorm Protection Tips

This information is provided for your convenience; it is not intended as insurance advice. The views, opinions, and advice expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not those of SMB Construction Company. Please consult your insurance carrier or agent for information regarding your policy or coverages.